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Ice cream maker, how to choose?

Ice cream maker, how to choose?


Ice cream makers and ice cream makers generally offer capacities between 1 and 2L.
That is a fairly large amount. Indeed, one liter of sorbet represents about 1 kg of sorbet, as this preparation is mainly composed of water.
On the other hand, it represents a greater quantity of ice and ice cream, since these specialties contain ingredients generally denser than water (cream, milk, egg, pieces of fruit …).
Conservation of these products is not a problem because they are freezing, but consider how to determine your requirements based on your ice consumption.

The ice turbine is a cumbersome and heavy machine (some models can weigh up to 20 kg!), Because of the refrigerant system. It will therefore ideally be placed on your work plan and remain there … So make sure you have sufficient room in your kitchen.
The ice cream makers are smaller and lighter. However, do not forget that you will need to place the cold accumulator in your freezer. So choose a device that is compact enough so that it can enter your freezer without any hassle.

Other information

Due to the operating mode of the ice cream makers (long cold accumulation), you must anticipate your preparation. That is why ice cream makers are primarily meant for occasional ice-creamers. What’s more, these devices are available at very affordable prices (
Ice turbines, on the other hand, allow you to prepare larger amounts of ice in a much shorter time. They will therefore suit the greedy ones or if you often receive the world. As a result, the purchase of such a device logically represents a larger investment.
Last detail, there are ice turbines provided with a set of several bowls. Convenient to store your ice cream..